Debt Recovery

Do not settle for pennies on the pound which debt companies offers you for YOUR debts, we work on the ethics of:

“If there’s a will, there’s a way”

And we WILL get what is owed to you

Do not settle for pennies on the pound.
Let us recover every pound.

debt-recoveryAt Glen our dedicated debt recovery team offers a cost-aware, swift and specialist debt recovery service for a broad range of corporate clients.

We understand in business that when a service is provided by you to one of your customers that you offer credit for that service. In the real world we acknowledge that your customers, due to various circumstances, may not pay what they owe you.

At this point you have two options; you can forget the debt or sell the debt on and only recover a small portion back. However, we can offer you a third option. We can act for you in recovering your debts using our highly effective negotiation.

What Do We Take?

Our standard basis for fees, in succession of recovering your debts, varies on the size of the debt ranging from a commission of 25% for a debt up to £5,000 to a commission of 15% on debts over £20,000. However, these are subject to negotiation and we can offer various other packages suiting to your particular needs.